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reviews from our members

 I joined here on January 2013 and have not looked back since. Combat Sports Boston is by far one of the best places I have ever been to. The instructors are open ended with their teaching allowing you to develop in the best way possible while helping you with your goals. From avid competitors to hobbyists the gym has a diverse group of practitioners who are all helpful and kind. This is without a doubt one of the best training facilities in the area. On top of excellent equipment and instruction the facility boasts a gym and access to other Beacon Hill Athletic Club locations, a clean bathroom with towel service, stocked soap and an awesome, helpful staff. If you want to learn martial arts, pick up training again, or just get fit in an interesting way, this is the gym to do it!   "

Omar Qusrawi

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  This place is awesome and worth the price, you want to learn martial arts these instructors are amazing and the people here a nice, and you will always get challenge, I don't how big you are or how much you think you can fight, try these guys on for size and you will rethink everything and just want to train with them even more, I strongly suggest to just come and try it out whether your a beginner, advanced or some where in between theirs always something to learn with these guys!!   "

Joey Saucier

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"  I've been training here for three months.. As a female I was scared.. The Coaches are amazing and the people men and woman are so nice and supportive. I walk out of here with a positive attitude every time I train.   "

Danielle Marie Gatto

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"  Great atmosphere , clean , and the members and instructors are amazing.their craft I can't say anything bad about this place and their fees are very reasonable for what you get out of it gym . Don't take my word for it go see for your self.   "

Thomas Bennett

"  Great mix of classes, instructors and schedule . The gym culture is awesome and open-minded. Seasoned students are helpful guides and new students are usually eager to learn. A nice mix of innovative and traditional training approaches.   "

Timmy Supafet

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